Leisure Learning

Leisure Learning at Lamar State College-Orange provides noncredit student learning opportunities for the community.

Classes include:

  • Aerobics/Zumba®
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Basic Computers for Senior Citizens (55+)
  • Day Trips
  • Kids 2 College (4-day summer program)
  • Photograph Classes including Photoshop Elements
  • Computer courses including Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Series of Photography Classes
  • Sr. Fitness 3 times a week

Find out what we have to offer by viewing our latest schedule of classes.


Who teaches Leisure Learning classes? You do!

Our instructors are business people, housewives, teachers, secretaries, lawyers, etc. They are people like you who have a special talent, skill or set of ideas that can be passed on to others. The basic requirements are simple: a love for your subject and a desire to share this expertise with others. Do you have knowledge of a subject or special skill you could share with others? If so, we would like to hear from you. 

Send us an email at krystal.loft@lsco.edu or call us at 409-882-3053.

Director of Education, Math and Leisure Learning Division

Suzonne H. Crockett

Phone: 409-882-3062

Fax: 409-882-5096


Administrative Assistant

Krystal Loft

Phone: 409-882-3053

Fax: 409-882-5096